Beer is for Bars...of Soap

When Oly Alchemy was first starting to develop our soap collection, we started with our standards, like lavender and coffee & cocoa scented soap. We explored floral scents, pine scents, holiday flavors, and more. But it got us thinking...

Who Wants to Smell Like Grandma?

Grandma may wish to smell like Grandma, but we had her covered. She had the Wild Rose, the Lilac, and the other floral favorites. It was everyone else we were worried about. We started to explore other aromas, like mahogany, tobacco, and cologne. 

Brewing Bars

We began to experiment with whiskey, light, and dark beers. Eventually we tried using Guinness with some various additions and created our Oatmeal Stout soap. We also blended Vanilla and Scotch Whiskey to create Butter Beer soap (think Cream Soda - shout out to all you Harry Potter fans out there). 

These flavors easily became some of our favorites. Not just because they were fun, but because they really were some of the best-scented handcrafted soaps we had to offer. 


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